Use Cases

Each use case can applied to multiple different industries.

Lead Generation

Using existing or new traffic, you can capture new leads or engage existing leads through any of our channels. One of the most effective ways to do this is through Facebook messenger.

One of the main challenges that come up often is the lack of traffic or activity on your website. Even if a website has minimal traffic, this effective way of engaging a prospect will convert even your occasional visitors into leads. However, we not only provide you with a platform to engage existing traffic, we help you generate more traffic to your sites and social profiles through our full-service management plan.


  • Lawyers
  • Real Estate
  • Auto
  • Clinics
  • Recruiting
  • Events
  • Catalog/Retail/eTail

Data Collection

The purpose of using a platform like Lead Robots is not limited to capturing basic information. Our nodes through any point in the chat will allow you to engage your visitors in powerful ways including sending them files, making payments, collecting application data, serving media like audio and video files, capturing survey information and more.

The opportunities for collecting data are endless. We also give you the ability to view all of your data seamlessly into database in which you can sort, filter and manage simple to complex programs in industries like healthcare and human resources.


  • Lawyers
  • Healthcare
  • Clinical Trials
  • Beta Programs
  • Event Feedback
  • Job Recruiting

Lead Routing & Human Takeover

Some industries require leads to be routed immediately after capture. For example, mortgage leads often need to be connected to a live operator after submitting application information. We offer this much needed functionality to provide this bridge between our lead capture and your existing systems.

If your business or organization has resources to continue chats when a prospect requests to speak to a live person, the platform gives you the ability to switch to live chat mode where a human can take over the interaction.


  • Lawyers
  • Mortgage Applications
  • Sales
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Healthcare Consults
  • Call Center

Qualify Prospects

Lead Robots gives you the ability to set the logic within your conversations to lead your prospect down one path or another. We give you the ability to score your leads and to qualify prospects using any set of steps your organization requires.


  • Employee applications
  • Loans
  • Partnerships


When your business offers services that require frequent communication after converting a prospect, you can take these people down a sequence of onboarding steps that helps you save time and resources in managing this process.

This applies to many service-based businesses post-sale when gathering client information is necessary to execute services.


  • Service-Based Businesses
  • Design Firms
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Enterprise Installs

Data Enrichment

Lead Robots is not only a platform that provides you with the tools to manage prospects 24/7, we give you access to the data received from every interaction.

We offer access to your own database where tou will be able to import and export data, easily filter, mass email, mass SMS and more.


  • Lawyers
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive Sales
  • Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Government and city programs


If initial lead interaction is minimal, frequent engagement is necessary to create the loyalty and trust between a company and their prospects.

The Lead Robots platform allows you to create spontaneous or scheduled broadcast messages by segment on most of the available communications platforms.


  • Sales Leads
  • Marketing Leads
  • Long Lead Cycles
  • Existing Customer Offers
  • New Customer Incentives

Human Resources

Many potential hires want the ability to understand more about the company and position in a more interactive format. By applying chatbots to this problem, you start creating a relationship between your company and the applicant even before the applicant submits their resume or CV.

During the application process sometimes a more immediate response keeps them interested in working for your organization rather than feeling like the process is slow or that there are too many layers to pass through before receiving any sort of response. Creating a more natural and consistent interaction will increase the chances of hiring the right individuals into your organization.


  • Job Applications
  • Long Interview Process
  • Military Recruiting
  • Volunteer Recruiting
  • Legal Recruiting

Sales Discovery

When a product or service requires more information, sometimes publishing the data online isn’t as effective as responding to questions that matter to your prospect. Lead Robots provides the ability to import content and our engine allows us to learn which answers are most relevant to your prospect’s questions using our Natural Language Processing, AI and ML engine.

This does not only apply to online interactions, but when prospects enter any brick and mortar location we can offer cost effective solutions for conversion.


  • High-Ticket Sales
  • Interactive Knowledge Repository for Brick & Mortar Locations
  • Complex products or solutions